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Specialising in Computer Systems and Software
for Law Firms
Protronics also provides a full computer consultancy service for small businesses.

Founded in 1985, Protronics supplies hardware, software and on-site
servicing to ensure the customer can focus on their core business.
                  Olympus Digital Dictation

Protronics are the only Wellington based Olympus Professional Dealer

Olympus Digital Dictation
Digital Dictation
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Taxi Chit Processing System - dramatically reduce your time to process all chits and similar taxi vouchers
  • Batch Processing of Chits
  • No need to sort chits
  • Simple End of Period Procedures
  • Chit Allocation to Clients
  • Surcharge (booking fee) Flexibility
  • Validity checking on entry

Graphic Image Software
We recommend and supply Eset AntiVirus products
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Remote Connection Setup
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