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  July 30, 2002

The inexpensive time recording, accounting, and practice management system for Law Firms

  • Easy to use worksheet contains today’s appointments, reminders and recorded
    time at a glance
  • Time and disbursement recording, sophisticated self generated billing
  • Client and file database with Deeds and marketing
  • File notes, Legal notes database, fees and charges, Appointments, To-Do’s
  • Easy access phone numbers for clients and regular contacts
  • Complete trust accounting, reconciliation facilities, term deposit, register
    of trust securities. Put an end to laborious manual double-entry.
  • The reporting structure is comprehensive and allows users extensive control
    over information. The Weekly report tells you the exact situation of your
    practice in terms of lock-up - un-billed work, unpaid client disbursements,
    unpaid accounts rendered.

juniorPartner is a modular software system. This allows it to be used by different users for different purposes, and for most users to buy only the modules they require. This keeps the cost down for those with their most basic needs. For example a barrister may only want to do time recording. He or she may then add to that the accounts receivable/cash-book module to manage his or her practice finances. A solicitor may use the same basic module as the barrister and add to it the Trust module as well. A management module contains some high level reporting functions for firms with multiple authors who need more detailed management reporting. Or you can add as you go if your needs change. At present we have systems installed in barrister’s chambers simply running time recording up to firms with four lawyers all simultaneously doing their own time recording and obtaining their own client trust information.


The programme, designed for Law practices - is based on our previous programme, the Author, as well as years of developing legal practice trust accounting systems - starting in 1983 when the managing director of Talisman technology, Steve Barter, an Auckland practitioner, was largely responsible for the development and design of WangLaw.


We have found that our trust system is as robust and comprehensive as our competitors and the differences between the systems are almost entirely those which we have chosen to leave out as being unlikely to benefit Law practices and which only make software use more complex than needed.


We find that usually we are considerably less expensive, once installation and maintenance costs are taken into account - often half or less of comparative bids. The most basic system costs $1600 and the average is around $4000 (both plus GST). This includes installation, training, and the first 3 mths maintenance costs. This low cost reflects our design philosophy - to make software affordable for any practice.


Ease of use is the next major issue affecting firms - they are fearful that the system will be a millstone around their necks and make them dependent on highly- trained computer-orientated support staff. Because we have been designing software for lawyers themselves to use for many years - for example our litigation support product which is the most widely-used of its kind in the country - we know how to design software that requires minimal training. Because the whole programme is based on visual clues and navigation buttons, you soon see where to go to enter or retrieve information, In some cases, firms have started up without assistance, and the average training needed is less than 8 hours. Several of our users are barristers or solicitors who operate the entire programme themselves. A comprehensive and easy to read manual is provided as well as unlimited phone support.

The programme is supported on a wide geographic basis from Dunedin to Carterton to Western Samoa to Auckland. It is upgraded regularly as users indicate new features that are of general utility.
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